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I know, I know, this never gets updated. Sorry! In the meantime, feel free to check out my writing journal where I post my stories and contemplation of characters and concepts before I organize them and stick them here (if I ever do!).
Oceanview, CA

drabbles: stories that are exactly 100 words long. double drabbles are exactly 200 words. I do both. [top]
  02.16.09 the fetish  
  02.15.09 Sheeba  
  02.01.09 learning Japanese  
  01.20.09 the end is near  
  12.25.08 the mask you wear  
  11.03.08 love, again  
  11.02.08 everyone breathes  
  09.18.08 humanity  
  08.07.08 rise above this  
  07.15.08 a star is born  
  05.15.08 Paris d'exception  
  04.21.08 it's all wrong, but it's all right  
  02.24.08 that's just his arms  
  02.24.08 valentine's day  
  12.23.07 the reality  
  09.23.07 business as usual  
  09.23.07 worse than his  
  09.01.07 the fear  
  09.01.07 denial  
  09.01.07 one more time  
  10.28.07 a real friend will...  
  10.16.07 sunrise  
  09.29.07 knowing  
  09.07.07 what's in a name?  
  08.08.07 for dummies  
  07.31.07 six degrees  
  03.03.07 did you get the message?  
  03.03.07 guess who?  
  02.27.07 bang  
  02.12.07 good intentions  
  02.12.07 whatever  
  02.12.07 incongruent  
  02.01.07 crash and burn  
  12.29.06 who needs shelter  
  12.11.06 that guy  
  12.08.06 restraint  
  12.04.06 haven  
  12.04.06 momma's boy  
  12.02.06 -'V'  
  12.02.06 his voice  
  12.01.06 fuck you  
  12.01.06 rule number only  
  12.01.06 hello, from Paris  
  11.20.06 one of many  
  11.13.06 go fish  
  11.06.06 one thing  
  11.04.06 fool me once  
  10.12.06 circle of friends  
  10.09.06 sweet sixteen  
  10.01.06 fetish: the beginning  
  09.30.06 bandaides  
  06.15.06 red  
  04.28.06 hearsay  
  04.28.06 my sister's keeper  
  04.28.06 keep on, keepin' on  
  04.28.06 world wide wonder  
  04.27.06 for you I would (au)  
  04.23.06 wait, where? (smut implied)  
  04.16.06 rebirth  
  04.07.06 you're not helping  
  03.05.06 going down (smut implied)  
  02.19.06 the perfect family  
  02.09.06 tattoos are love  
  02.07.06 full circle  
  02.04.06 (never) forgive and forget  
  02.01.06 lucky star  
  01.22.06 happy endings (au)  
  08.11.05 on love, in sadness  
  07.25.05 perfect gentleman  
  07.25.05 word of the day  
  07.24.05 on(ward) Renshaw  
  07.24.05 go Joe!  
  07.24.05 the best of nothing  
  07.14.05 desperately wanting  
  07.14.05 cruel to be kind  
  07.12.05 spinning dreams, weaving futures, braiding hair  
  07.09.05 "I" only come out at night  
  07.08.05 when Star met Pinky  
  07.07.05 photogenic  
  07.06.05 little deaths  
  07.05.05 smiles and lies  
  12.21.03 cliche  
  12.29.02 hey, jealousy  
  12.29.02 not like me  
  12.29.02 introductions  
  05.19.02 uncivilized  
  05.19.02 the speculation revelation  
  05.19.02 friendship  
  05.19.02 recriminating introspection  
  05.19.02 self-awareness  
  05.19.02 speak to me  
  05.19.02 bittersweet remembrance  
stories: mostly short, mostly character-driven works. whatever struck my fancy to write that would help tell my story or establish a character. my attention span for writing is fairly fleeting. [top]
  02.15.09 beauty and the beast
It's the little things that matter.
  05.30.08 mine.
Semi-explicit. Lance stakes a claim.

so-so suicidal
History fic. More of the same.

  07.14.07 turning point
History fic. Keith's had enough.
  07.13.07 perspective
History fic. One good act deserves... a really big crush.
  03.31.07 this one time...
Porn. No, really. Bad, Lance.
  02.17.07 lone wolf
Link and Lance's father come to an understanding. Sort of.
  12.29.06 inevitable
My third deathfic. Completely AU (alternate universe); it doesn't actually happen.
  12.29.06 ebb
Meloncholy guys.
  06.16.06 the tooth fairy
Star meets the tooth fairy. Kinda.
  12.21.05 eyes wide shut
Pinky finds that sometimes an anti-hero isn't.
  06.20.05 star-crossed
Lance's guardian angel is a shooting Star. History fic (as opposed to a future fic).
  01.16.05 either, or
Lance won't accept "all of the above".
  01.09.05 regaining feeling
When you really need, you need family.
  11.22.04 follow you down
Times of weakness, strength of bonds.
  11.21.04 warning signs
Sometimes lunch needs to be enforced and friendships reenforced.
  11.21.04 live to tell
Lance keeps secrets, not souvenires or mementos... unless they're all the same difference.
  11.19.04 the unchosen one
Susie didn't make the choice, but then... she never got one.
  10.21.04 don't hate me because I'm beautiful
Dom has trouble. Star is trouble.
  10.21.04 down another day
Adrian's worried. Star's no help.
  10.17.04 the nature of the beach
Keith and Dom have a natural kind of friendship. And the beach.
  04.06.04 siblings
Lee isn't as young as she seems, but sometimes she feels that way.
  02.03.04 necessary evil
A bit of Link's past.
  12.21.03 freedom
Lincoln the half-elf.
  12.21.03 mantra
...I am not afraid.
  12.21.03 comforting clouds
Describing Keith's powers. Excerpt of a defunct RPG.
  07.13.03 inconsolable
My second deathfic. Completely AU (alternate universe); it doesn't actually happen.
  03.20.03 equal
Keith thinks on Amanda.
  12.11.02 displaced
Link's vague pondering and half-memories.
  11.27.02 okay now
Lance and Link and a bit of cliche childhood angst.
  09.10.02 unreal
My first deathfic. Completely AU (alternate universe); it doesn't actually happen.
  08.05.02 a bit of explanation
Lance tries to explain Link to Sheeba; random ficlet.
  07.28.02 exploration
A bit of insight into the time in Keith's adolescence when he seperated from the group.
  07.17.02 clubbing
An extremely pointless fic my friends talked me into playing with.
interviews: my friend Melanie once gave me a set of questions for each of my characters to answer... some are done, some still need to be completed, but even those that were done at first (2003) remain insightful and true to character. In my opinion, anyway. [top]
  04.12.06 Sebastiano "Star" Galileo  
  07.31.03 Joe Kasmira  
  03.28.03 Link Keiran  
  03.26.03 Keith Moray  
  03.26.03 Danny Farrar  
  03.26.03 Amanda Moray  
  03.25.03 Lance Emery  
random: character dialogues, quizzes, etc. that don't count as stories but help establish character... and are generally funny enough. In any case, they're part of the characters' history. [top]
  06.04.02 what's in a name?
I found a page of trait descriptions based on names, so the characters played with it and discussed the results.
  05.28.02 tarot
The charaters took a quiz to see what tarot card they correspond with, and voice their opinions on the findings.
  05.23.02 bishounen
The boys take a quiz to see which type of bishounen they are.
  05.02.02 role-playing stereotypes
Link, Lance & Keith take a stereotyping quiz and discuss the results.
  11.27.01 c.y.b.o.r.g.
The characters use an anogram generator to find out what kind of cyborgs they are, and voice their opinions on the findings.
RPG: Role Playing Game. Use of my characters in an Alternate Universe setting where I write them against my friends' characters. Results of this 'round robin' type of writing has no guaranteed place in my actual story. These works will have other people's characters present and written by their creators. Most of these stories are unfinished and abandoned. [top]
  07.08.08 one more time
parts: 1 . 2 . 3 . unfinished
Someone's trying to flush out people with powers. That can't be good.
unfinished/possibly abandoned. Written by myself, Melanie Weaver-Anderson and Abby.

parts: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . abandoned
What the hell? Chaos rules when no one knows what's going on.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself, Cara Russell, Melanie Weaver-Anderson, Lee, Abby and Kirsten.


so a wiseguy and an indian walk into a club...
parts: 1 . 2 . abandoned
A personal favorite! Trouble finds Star, and so does Noah.
unfinished/abandoned . Written by myself and Cara Russell.


and we'll all go together
parts:  1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . abandoned
Trouble: It's not in who you know... it's in where you are. Okay, and who you know, too.
unfinished/abandoned . Written by myself, Melanie Weaver-Anderson, Cara Russell, Lee and Ruth.

  08.07.05 something for everyone
Only Lance and Winter would think adult stores are places to hang with friends.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Jenn Chlow.
  01.25.05 finding ground
Link's the middleman, but who has a clearer view than the one in the middle?
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Cara Russell.
  01.25.05 leap of faith
Maggie thinks a Q and A session might lead to some actual answers.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Cara Russell.

hello stranger
Man, things always have to go wrong.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Lee.

  01.20.05 reasonable doubt
Danny's in trouble... or so he's told.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Melanie Weaver-Anderson.
  01.06.05 daemonz, suspects, and chosen ones... oh my
parts:  1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 . 12 . abandoned
confusion and apprehension reign, started by a mysterious phonecall claiming one of their own is in danger. But can the call be believed when the caller obviously isn't who they claim?
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself, Cara Russell and Melanie Weaver-Anderson.
  12.11.04 with a little help from my friends
Caleb goes to Amanda looking for answers.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Cara Russell.
  11.29.04 trapping the hunter
Noah and Amanda verbally spar... what else is new? Maybe the revelations forthcoming.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Cara Russell.
  11.28.04 "dance" is just another word for "sex"
SEXUAL CONTENT. You can only tease so much without doing something about it.
complete. Written by myself and Cara Russell.

freak out
Maggie has a bad dream.
complete. Written by myself and Cara Russell.

  11.21.04 catching up on everything
It's been a while so Lance and Jynx hang... and Jynx comes bearing presents.
complete enough. Written by myself and Melanie Weaver-Anderson.
  09.11.04 uncomfortable distance
Jazz has been gone a long time, and she's not at all sure she's welcome back.
complete. Written by myself and Melanie Weaver-Anderson.
  08.11.04 determination is the key
When empathy gets to be too much, Lance withdraws. Lotus isn't sure that's good.
complete. Written by myself and Melanie Weaver-Anderson.
  06.23.04 a leg to stand on
Lance and Maggie have a talk that's long overdue.
complete. Written by myself and Cara Russell.
  04.07.04 girltalk
Amanda and Maggie sit down to have a heart to heart about themselves and the boys they have in common. (device to get insight into characters)
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Cara Russell.
  02.05.04 can lead a horse to water
SEXUAL CONTENT. Amanda and Noah... is that sexual tension?
complete. Written by myself and Cara Russell.

gambling with fate
Keith finds himself pawn to a plot with interdimensional implications... and angelic overtones.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Cara Russell.


cleansing / in the dark
Friends are disappearing and characters must find safety in numbers as they try to get them back. Also: friends that have been disappearing work to get themselves out.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself, Kylie Young and Melanie Weaver-Anderson.

  01.01.04 promise kept
A night out at the club with a variety of friends.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself, Cara Russell, Melanie Weaver-Anderson and Jenn Chlow.
  12.22.03 blessing the forum
SEXUAL CONTENT. Jynx and Amanda have a date night in.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Melanie Weaver-Anderson.
  12.21.03 not my idea of a vacation
Characters wake up to find themselves on an apparently deserted island... that isn't quite paradise.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Melanie Weaver-Anderson.
  12.21.03 things best left said
An unusual party finds an unlikely group uninhibited and talkative... leading to the sharing of things probably best left said.
unfinished/abandoned. Written by myself and Melanie Weaver-Anderson.
RPG journals: Role Playing Journals. My friends and I set up Livejournal journals and communities for our characters to post in and interact with. It was a lot of fun for a while, but now it's been almost entirely abandoned. You can still access the archives, though. [top]
perfectkismet livejournal
My characters' community. Each has their own journal with posting access to the community, to more easily establish which is which. All posts here are by my characters, though many comments were made by characters owned and operated by other people. Some "real" people comment there too!
Lance's livejournal friendview
Communities don't have good "friends watching" options, so I took to watching other peoples' RP Livejournals with Lance's. If nothing shows up with this link, it's because no one posted anything within the last two weeks. If stuff does show up, it could have been posted by a whole number of people (and characters)... but it's all good fun.
guest fic: fiction written by other people. These will be entirely about my characters, be thoughts about my characters, or will include my characters - usually interacting with characters that belong to the writer. [top]
  03.08.09 I try, and I try by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Paris and Diablo <3
  03.04.09 that calls for a sharpie by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Selena finds freckles just a little fascinating.
  02.22.09 no underwear by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
SEXUAL CONTENT. Amanda and Parker.
  02.21.09 are they going to steal anything? by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Tell it like it is, Court.
  02.20.09 the barbecue to end all barbecues by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Precursor to a second barbeque RP.
  02.19.09 what if everything around you isn't quite as it seems?
by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Lance as seen by a Precog.
  02.18.09 giving answers where none could be found by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Lance and MD have a round-about talk.
  02.18.09 taking my time, take what I find... you'll forget about me after I've been gone...
by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
DJ Chameleon's playing with fire right there, yo.
  02.17.09 she's cool, man by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Quicksand's so cute.
  02.15.09 my favorite shirt by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Diablo's response to this one.
  02.15.09 hers. by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Diablo and Paris again <3

  02.14.09 a valentine's day blurb by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Star likes them fiesty. ...Good thing.
  02.14.09 a valentine's day blurb by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Connor and DD.
  02.14.09 a valentine's day blurb by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Parker and Amanda.
  02.14.09 a valentine's day blurb by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Alex and Hiroshi.
  02.01.09 She was a grace and beauty he thought did not exist, at least not for him. 
by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
SEXUAL CONTENT. Alex and Hiroshi.
  02.01.09 dance, dance by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Lance and Jynx.
  02.01.09 that dame is all futzed up. yeah, I liked it. what of it.
by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
  08.31.08 sometimes, sometimes... I go crazy. by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
  08.27.08 logic doesn't fit in your brain, does it? by Melanie Weaver-Anderson
Poor Jynx... 'futile' comes to mind.
  12.08.05 miss-step by Lee
Lana tests Lance, or maybe herself.
Lance and Lana meet by Lee
Funny how friendships start.
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