You don't have to ask permission to link to my site. Use one of these banners, make one, text link, whatever... it's all appreciated!

Wanna stalk me? Here's how.

amazon - I don't know why you'd care about my wishlist.
deviantart- a gallery-based community for artists of all types and skill.
dickblick - my wishlist for art supplies... aka "this marker's almost dead".
ebay - I go through selling phases.

facebook fanpage - where I'm currently most active in uploading art.
facebook personal - where I post about life, pit bulls, politics and other causes.
getglue - phear my brainless TV-watching habits.
goodreads - equally scary, my brainless romance novel choices.

tumblr - I don't use it, but it's there.
twitter - I don't use it, but it's there.

y-gallery - rarely post, but male/male and smexy guy art goes there occasionally.


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