I respect your privacy.

This site is owned and operated by an individual, with no affiliation to "big business" of any kind. Any information provided to me for any reason (e.g. contact, commission) is considered confidential and will be used for the intended purpose only (or maybe for benevolent purposes... but are you really going to complain about the possibility of random acts of kindness?).

While I may keep your information on file for follow-up, ongoing business, or statistical purposes, I will never sell, loan, lease, share or make this information available to any outside organization for any reason nor to any individuals for anything less than benevolance (again with the random acts of kindness).

I will never create, nor sanction the creation of, any form of mailing list, mass marketing or spam mechanism using information I've recieved from the operation of my website (or anywhere else).

I protect information to the best of my ability... I do not even store contact information in Outlook where virii could feasably commandeer access.

Please respect my privacy.

I would appreciate it if you would afford me the same consideration that I give to each of you. I adore personalized mail of any kind, but please refrain from adding me to mass mailing lists - spam, personal, friendly, forwarding, or otherwise.

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