Holy, holy crap. More than a hundred pictures later and I'm at least caught up with all the art I'd saved in the right place. In an ideal world, I'll upload guest art and fiction as well as possibly finding more art I've saved in bad places before I burn out. But. I wouldn't hold my breath. On the plus side, every single character with a gallery (including the Second Stringers) have "new" (to this page) images uploaded now. Yay!
Holy crap, guys, I'm alive. Nowhere near caught up, but so far I've added more (old) art to all the galleries. Trying to work my way from oldest to newest, but it's hard to figure out where I left off (and what the hell I was thinking). Think I've made it to early 2011, but I still need to upload the card sets for sure.
I FINALLY MADE A NEW INTRO PICTURE! *cough* Yes, yes, this excites me more than it should.
I've been working on bio pictures for the last few days and am happy to say that, thanks to ACEO cards, I have bio pictures for all ten of the main PK members for the first time ever! I also cropped new bio priview pictures so that at least their art isn't all a billion years old.
Got some more guest art up... and here I thought I didn't have that much over the last few years. Wrong!
Today I managed to archive all the art I had tucked away in the normal places. I still need to search for random stuff I might've hid in random places... but the art gallery is pretty up to date (moreso than DeviantArt!). I also got some guest art up... though there's still more to go! And I have started actually archiving guest fiction... which I barely started back in the day. That's not uploaded yet, though. Hopefully I'll finish that soon.
I updated way more fiction.
Luckily (?) both my creativity and my guest submissions have slacked off in a major way in the last few years because if they hadn't I'd have quite a job ahead of me. I do anyway. I've updated the fiction section today, anyway. And hope (?) to update other stuff soon(ish)!
I updated the gallery, fiction section and the guest art section. There are still a few more pictures, some linking between art and stories, and some unfinished (are there any other kind?) RPs to do... but I'm beat!
I updated a few of the second stringers' bios with some blurbs I'd written previously. That'll do for now.
The webpage is now back online. I spent a good chunk of the day checking all (I think >_>) of the links. I corrected some text/labelling errors here and there, but I'm sure I missed a bunch of those... the links should all go somewhere, though.
I also brought the guest art section up to date.
...And added 5 new second stringers' bio pictures! *phew*
Brought the fiction section and art galleries up to date again, in anticipation of reloading the page later in the week. There are new drabbles, ficlets, and images for Star, Lance and Bridgette (with Link and Alora in one of the pictures across galleries).
Brought the fiction section up to date... even though the webpage isn't online at the moment. So, there's a new ficlet, Star's interview and a whole ton of (double) drabbles.
Also brough the art galleries up to date. Mostly Lance and Star pictures were added, but there was something added to almost every gallery. All of it has been on DeviantArt, though some of it was only loaded into Scraps, there. I think I just have the guest galleries left to update now in order to catch up. Woot.
Brought the guest galleries up to date. There are some second stringers, some Lance, an Amanda and a picture with all the girls in it (and therefore found linked in every girl'sguest gallery). The art gallery is still behind - more than 5 pictures so the DA cheat doesn't cover them - but I'd rather be drawing right now than updating. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon :P
Brought the art galleries up to date. There are some Star pictures that weren't on deviantart and some of Star/Pinky and Lance that were... but this mostly means that the fiction links are no longer broken.
Brought the fiction section up to date. This means adding a handful of drabbles and double drabbles* and three RPG transcripts... one of them is actually still in progress (rather than abandoned).
*the images in the fiction section link back to their own pages in the gallery... right this section two of them don't have gallery pages, though, so they're broken links. This will be fixed shortly.
Brought the art galleries up to date.
Also added some second stringer bios.
So far today I've mostly provided more navigation to the larger pages like this one, the second stringers' bios page and the fiction page. I have also added a guest fic section and fixed some other random things as well as finishing setting up spaces for bios for all the named characters. Navigation = good, don't let any other art sites tell you differently.
Didn't feel good today so I didn't get much done, though I did add some info to the second stringers' bios page.
I skipped over to the fiction section today. I got all but a handful of stories (those that I have to evaluate whether they're done enough or not) uploaded! I'm still in the process of moving old RPGs into the archive, but I got placeholders in for all of them - and I added the last sections of daemonz and trapping the hunter. They were left incomplete and we don't plan on finishing them, but there's still a lot of content that wasn't here previously. Daemonz got pages eleven and twelve added and there's almost a whole 'nother half on hunter.
I discovered that I had more than 100 pieces of guestart backlogged and waiting to be thumbnailed and included in the galleries. Geeze! Bad me. Today I got everything I have saved up - except a handful of Cara's and some I have the originals of that I need to scan. If you did art for me and it isn't up please please please send it to me again. I didn't exclude anyone or anything on purpose, I promise.
I went ahead and put the new layout live. I'd wanted to have a new graphic for the index page and everything completely current, but the wait was killing me. I'm still diligently pecking away at it.
Happy New Year! My page is almost done, too. Yay!
The guestart gallery has been completely transferred from the old site (okay, well, there are 2 pictures between the art/guest galleries that don't but I can't find the art >_>)! I still have a TON of stuff that never got uploaded, but that's going to wait just a little bit as it doesn't effect the running of the site. I'm hoping to transfer everything over to this new design by the end of my vacation! *fingers crossed*
The fiction section has been repopulated, but not updated. That means that everything that was in it before is there now, and in proper format, though I have a seeming bazillion things that I still need to add to the webpage (of any version).
Lots more work, though only part of it's visible since I spent a good deal of time restructuring my file heirarchy to make life easier for me in the future. I did get the bios operational, and the structure in for the fiction, though. Only a few completely blank pages left!
Text for the Perfect Kismet bios are done... I still need to do the second stringers, but that's progress anyway!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
Galleries are done! I still have everything else to do, but the galleries should be 100% up-to-date. That means everything's been transferred and converted, and things that never made it on the old site before are here now too. I had to go all the way back to 2004 when adding things. Oops.
I've been working on the page quite a bit, but nothing worth an update. All the art galleries are done being recoded except for Lance and Link's (the two biggest, heh) and the second stringers gallery - which I have started laying out, anyway. I still have some hope that this can be 'net-worthy by the end of my vacation.
Thanks to a snow day from work (who knew they had those?) I'm getting a bit more done already. I've already transferred the updates archive over and created blank pages to serve as space holders for all the template links and it's not even 8:30am.
I finally worked the worst of the bugs out of the layout, with a little bit of help from friends ;) Now I can start working on the actual content... finally. I'm pleased that DeviantART's "pasties" work the way I thought they might, with their help the website will stay at least partially up to date despite me.
I finished work on my new template in preparation for a complete site overhaul. I have high hopes!
Massive, if partial, update. There are 11 newish (most have been on DeviantART) pictures from me and 46 new pieces of guest art. Every character got at least one new guest art picture since the last update, isn't that awesome? Unfortunately, I still haven't written the blurbs for those pictures or the previous uploads' blurbs... I'm digging myself quite a hole >_>
The story section has been updated, as well, with one new mini-fic, parts 9 & 10 of the Daemonz RPG, a compete RPG called A Leg To Stand On and the start of a new RPG called Trapping the Hunter.
Also, The e-mail address given throughout the site is wrong. It's a lot of work to get it all fixed *everywhere* so it might wait a bit, but if you want to get in touch with me, please use dixey @ i-star.com as I was getting so much spam at dixeyland I closed the account. Sorry for the inconvenience ^_^;
The stories section is now updated with RPGs. Specifically, there are small new parts of Girltalk and Gambling With Fate. Both are marked in the document so you know where the new parts start. There is also a LARGE update to the Daemonz, Suspects, and Chosen Ones... Oh My. The update spans parts 6, 7, and 8, though 8 is only half the size of the other sections *phew*
I do have some other short fic things to post, but that'll wait, same as the new art and guest art 'cause I'm tired ;)
I still have to write descriptions for them (as well as the others o_O) but there are 14 new pictures spread among the Guest Galleries. There are also new pictures in the Art section. I'll probably upload the stories/RPGs soon ^_^
The guest art gallery has been updated. I still have a few more pictures missing and I swear I didn't intentionally leave anyone off. If you've sent me art that's missing, it won't hurt to e-mail me again (dixey @ i-star.com) to make sure I still have it. Between the move and the 3 computers and various problems I've managed to misplace everything I own, I swear.
But anyway... lots of new guest art is up. I have not yet written the comments for them (sorry, guys), but I did reorganize the section and link both guest and regular art galleries to individual character bios. It was a lot of work as-is and I hope to finish everything up soon, too >_>
No art, just story updates. All the RPGs my friends and I are currently involved in are up to date here. You can find some additions to ones previously posted as well as new story threads (one of which is shaping up to be a huuuge epic). Those of you who've followed the character livejournal interaction will recognize more of the characters involved (Cara's playing! Maggie's here!) New stuff's bold on the story page.
Sorry, guys, all I have for you is art... and only art you might've already seen at deviantart.
I moved back in with my mom in the middle of October. Graduated, see? And can't find a job... stupid economy. So now my computer isn't online, so updating means shuffling between two (and sometimes three) computers. I made the effort to get the art set up here, but the rest is going to have to wait until we figure out what we're doing (or I get my new computer). It sucks, because I have sooooo many awesome guest arts from the last year or so that I really wish I could show you all. Hopefully soon!
Sorry, again :/
Please bear with me for a day or two as I try to work through to an update... things are gonna be messed up.
See, I started the coding necessary for an update more than a month ago, but got interrupted. Now I have absolutely no idea what's done and what's not... everything's a huge mess. So I'm uploading what I have, then I'll work through what's broken and missing. Then, when everything is okay, I'll work on getting the rest of the stuff up. Oi!!
[Edit] Update's done! Okay, I still haven't put up the guestart, but there are 25 pictures up that are new to the site (a few of them haven't been posted *anywhere* yet). Enjoy ^_^
Big update by my standard. No art, just 'stories'. New uploads have bolded dates to make them easy to find. I've uploaded my second deathfic (previously found in my LJ), a ficlet (never posted), six character interviews (previously in the PKLJ), and four unfinished rpgs done with my friends Kylie and Melanie and their characters (never available to the public). Not a lot in the scheme of things, I guess, but it took me 3 hours to code ;)
I'm almost done coding the necessary pages for an art update, though I still have a lot of guest art that needs to go up eventually. Little bit at a time, though, sorry.
Lotsa updates, lots more to come. Right now there are 28 new pictures in the art gallery (that's right, they were all done while the site was down and are all new to the site!) I also updated the LiveJournal link to reflect its new status as a community *and* added the CafePress store to the links at the bottom. I still have a few more pictures that haven't been scanned, some story fragments once I find them, and a ton of new guest art to upload in the near future, so check back in a few days :)
Hey! We're back... and at our own domain, eh? How cool is that?
Right now I'm working on getting what I had up, back online. Rest assured that there is a lot of stuff to update with in the near future... I just have to find the time ;)
Thanks to everyone who's joined dixeypics so far... it's doing much better than I'd expected for such a new Yahoo!Group. Hope to see even more of you there eventually :D
In other news... we have Update! 10 new pictures in the art section and 2 new guest artists (SuRReAL07POE & Rhyein) in the guest section. Go... now! Woo :)
There's art...but I haven't uploaded it yet *grin* Instead, I'm writing to let you know that I created a Yahoo!Group called dixeypics where I will likely be posting most of my art before it hits my webpage(s). If this is something that interests you, then please join, because I'd love to hear from you all :)
There have been a few strictly organizational changes done today. First, I finally made a page for the banners I did before (and a few more) and linked them in the bottom section of the pages along with everything else. You don't have to ask if you can link me, but please do let me know if you are so I can check out your site!
Also, the art page was getting way too big, so I've decided to just keep the newest additions (a few rows' worth) on that page, and moved all the others to individual character galleries. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but that should help load time as well as making it easier for y'all to maneuver to the characters you're interested in. In the case of pictures with more than one character, I linked them to all applicable indexes. Eventually, I'll add links to individual galleries from their respective bio pages, but for now I'm sick of coding ;)
Hey, you might or might not have noticed PK (and dixeyland itself) having some major server issues over the last few weeks, but they should all be resolved now. Anyway, those problems also interfered with my ability to play with the sites but I finally give you...
UPDATES! Yup, there are 6 new pictures in the art section and 5 new pieces of guest art - 4 from wonderful Melanie Weaver-Anderson and 1 from brand new awesome guest artist vyxee. Be sure to check those out! I also added a running tally of how many appearances each of the characters has in the guest art (found, obviously, on the guest art page).
With any luck, there should be a few more pieces of guest art up here pretty soon now. Woo! Go PK :)
Update! There is a new set of drabbles in the stories section, 7 new pictures in the art section, and 7 new pieces of guest art - from cara, lori, mel and new guest artists anna, amy and 2 from bethany. Thanks everyone!
Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas!
And the stuff keeps coming. Not that I'm complaining...are you?
Today I uploaded 2 pieces of art (Link, and a colored version of the sleeping picture), 1 ficlet to the stories section, and 5 new pieces of guest art (1 Kylie, 1 Cara, 3 Jenn)! Enjoy! And, you know, if you *do* enjoy...maybe feedback to the various artists would be good? I'm just sayin' ;)
Oh! And if anyone was looking for banners to link to PK with, I finally have some here. I'll add them to the site somewhere as soon as I figure out a good place for them to go... Let me know if you are linking, eh? I'm curious (and I might make a links page at some point).
Another update? Yup. 4 new pictures in the art section. Have fun.
Update! Huge update. Today I have for you one story (okay now), 10 new pieces of art (at least one of every single character!), and 2 new pieces of oekaki guest art from Cara (Keith and Lance). Good enough? I hope so ;)
Woo! All the updates I can think of are *done* If anything's missing that you know if, let me know, please :)
Where we stand right now, though, is with the six most recent PK drawings now up in the art section, and new guest work by Jenn, Mel and new guest artist Osiris! Check 'em out :)
*hangs head* I know I promised updates here a few weeks ago on dixeyland.com but, uh... okay, sorry. I really don't have much excuse. I still don't have *everything* up, but I did get most of the new guest art up! Go check it out!
Sometime in the near future I hope to catch up with uploading my PK art and the last few pieces of fanart. Uhm, but hey, if you're not Osiris or Jenn (because I *know* I still need to upload their art!) and you sent me something which I didn't manage to get on the page... pleeeaaaase let me know. Please? I kinda-sorta think I misplaced some stuff *sweatdrops* and I don't want to miss anything.
Well, happy birthday to me! I turned 24 today... and got fanart for my trouble. Woo! ;)
I finally finished Lance's bio pic! So check for that on his bio page as well as the art page... where you'll also find a new Amanda picture.
I finally got the deathfic uploaded... I don't know whether that's a good thing or not.
Okay, I finally got the accumulated art and guest art online *phew* That last fanfic's gonna have to wait, though, because I need to start my homework for class tonight ;)
I'd like to wish my little sister and PK co-founder Amy a happy 21st birthday! She'll always be 13 to me.
I spent 4 1/2 hours converting my pages here to shtml to simplify updates a bit for me. Hopefully it'll facilitate a bit more frequent updates.
I also added the PK LJ to the menu. For those who aren't familiar, LiveJournal is a place online where you write your thoughts and people can comment on 'em. Lance wanted one ;) What Lance wants, Lance gets... so there's now a PK LJ which, though mostly dominated by Lance, will eventually house the "thoughts" of all the various characters (cuz yes, I'm a dork).
I have lots to *really* update (fic, art, guest art) but I wore myself out with the shtml, so that's gonna have to wait.
Well, I got two more requests for character art over the last few days, so there are two more sketchy pictures in the art gallery. Link for Kassie and Alora for Macy.
Also added a Sheeba picture by my friend Ruyi Yuen to the guest art page. It rocks!
I just missed posting in August by half an hour ;)
A request picture of Lance has been added to the art page. Hope you like him, Allie!
There's a new picture of Link and Sheeba on the art page.
A new picture of Keith and a sketch of Amanda were both added to the art page.
Three new pictures were added to the top of the art page...mostly Lance-centric, because he was demanding attention last week.
Various updates. The Keith ficlet has finally been uploaded to the Stories section, a Keith picture by Lori *snugs* has been added to the Guest section, and 4 pictures have been added to the Art gallery (3 *new* ones at the top and 1 older one at the bottom).
[AM] I'm searching through my junk and looking for character dialogues I've posted as jokes for my friends. So far I've found and posted three that mostly make sense out of context. I also uploaded another random ficlet. One more is being beta'd before it can be posted.
[PM] I found and uploaded two more quiz dialogues and added dates to all the stories, to better keep track of things.
Danny, Sheeba & Link all now have pics up on their bio pages as well as Keith and Amanda. I also added the three new bio pics, as well as their black and white counterparts to the art page.
I also finally uploaded Cara's new Amanda art to the guest section. Go check it out, there's dialogue too! :)
I uploaded 5 more pictures that I've found buried in my archives. They've been added to the end of the list of thumbnails, since they're *old* additions...and I figure brand new additions will be added to the beginning when I have them. I also have more fanart by Cara (Woowoo!) but it's gonna have to wait to be loaded because I'm *tired*
Okay, after coding for a good part of the last two days, I have now finished linking up the art page *and* I've fixed the navigation links at the bottom of the guest pages. The bio pics still don't work on any pages except Amanda & Keith's - because those are the only ones with finished pics - but other than that, everything should be good to go, if not quite complete. Woo!
8:15am - Uh, yeah, it's 8am and I haven't been to bed yet (I'm on a roll, bay-bay!) but I think I just might head over that way now. At this point, I have thumbnails for the majority of my character art up, but only the first row (through Joe) work. This more than likely is *not* the final format for the art page, but since I don't know what the final format *would* be...this is it for now.
Woo, it's the early am - 3:20am to be exact - and I've managed to get all the guest art I could get my hands on up on the page. There *is* more, but it's not scanned at the moment. Hopefully soon. I lost a bunch when my computer crashed in April/May too *sniff* But there's what I have. Check it out, it's cool ;)
I fixed up the bio pages a bit...still no new information, but they look a little better. The Amanda & Keith bio pages also have their bio pics, but the rest are currently broken links *eep* I'm working on it! The little bio pic squares aren't all finished either, but what'cha want from me? I'm working on it :)
Welcome! Woo!
I've been saying I was going to do this, this character webpage thing, for years, but today I actually finished the group picture and started work on the page. It's all tentative and I'm not sure yet how I'm going to organize the subpages in a way that'll make sense, but it's still a major step in the right direction.
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